Chevrolet Avalanche VIN Decoder

Buying a pre-owned car may be a rather complicated thing. As it can look entirely normal from the outside, but contain serious problems behind it. To verify the history and main features of the automobile, use the vehicle’s identification number and perform the research through online databases. In our article, we are going to cover the functioning mechanism of the CHEVROLET AVALANCHE VIN decoder. With its help, you can validate the vital elements of this model and also examine alternative possibilities before doing the actual purchase.

What does a VIN mean?

The difference between the cars is defined not only with their models but also with vehicle identification numbers (VIN). Each car has a legal identifier that is internationally recognized. International Institution for Standardization (ISO) applied certain requirements and coding standards for the manufacturers. Therefore, they have to follow that format while realizing new products.

The VIN is an alphanumeric code that consists of 17-digits. It comprises important information about the automobile, such as the manufacturer, production year, the plant of assembly, type of engine, transmissions, model, and more.

Officially, the first 3 characters stand for WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier). They provide facts on the country of origin, producer, and type. The second 5 characters, starting from 4 to 9, stand for VDS (Vehicle’s Descriptor Section). They show general characteristics of the car. Moreover, the manufacturer may fill this field by its choice. Finally, the serial numeral of a particular automobile is included in digits from 10-17. Get data on the year, assembly plant, and sequential code from this part of the cipher.

To read the cipher correctly look through the decoder chart provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

How to decrypt Chevrolet Avalanche VIN digits online?

When buying a pre-owned car, always perform an online lookup. It will keep you from buying a stolen, damaged, or illegally changed automobile. Then, before doing the actual payment, decide if the product is worth your money or not.

The release of the Chevrolet AVALANCHE was in 2001 and ended in April 2013. It was the first generation of the van. To observe its history online, use tools of the vehicle identification number check. Enter the cipher in a special gap and receive the whole report covering all the needed facts.

When having the report pay attention to each character, as they have specific meaning behind them. Find the country of origin behind the 1st character. The 2nd and 3rd digits indicate the name of the producer. The 4th to 8th digits stand for the model, engine type, size, and gear ratio. Get info on safety check at 9th character. The 10th is for the production year and the 11th is for the assembly plant. Read the serial number from 12th to 17th.

What data can we get through the online lookup?

The history report provides the following information:

  • Past ownership
  • The state of registration
  • Participation in incidents and accidents (statistics conserving caused damages)
  • List of problems
  • Producer’s recall (if product is harmful and thrown away from the market)
  • Lease and taxi use
  • Odometer Fraud
  • Liens

Where to find the code?

There are several places to locate your Chevy Code:

  • Look at the lower-left corner of the metal dashboard, in front of the steering wheel.
  • Find it on the pillar of the door.
  • See the front of the engine block and elsewhere under the hood.
  • Manufacturers also include the cipher on the insurance certificate or in the title.