As you may have already heard, Chevrolet cars have their unique identification number which is known as VIN. It is a seventeen character long code. With the help of that one can easily receive necessary information about the vehicle which he/she wishes to buy.

In fact, it contains important details about the vehicle such as manufacturer, model, type of engine, etc. Prior to buying a new car, it is preferable to do a quick checkup on the online database. That is to make sure the machine has not been damaged, stolen, or illegally modified before.

Additionally, the ISO institution represented this format of decoding. It is accepted all over the world. So, you won’t have any issues concerning the usage of this form.

How can I perform decoding on my vehicle identification number?

Each of the seventeen numerals/characters has its own meaning. Now let’s find out what they actually indicate.

Starting from the first to the third one can notice the Cobalt’s country or final assembly point, manufacturer, brand section. Continually, the fourth and fifth digits represent the model.

From the sixth position to the eighth you will see the body variant of the machine, security system, and engine type.

The ninth digit is the check number. That is used for validation. That is to state that the information about the car is correct.

In the 11th position, it shows the production plant in which the vehicle has been manufactured. It is different for every model.

The last six fingers entirely reveal Cobalt’s serial number. It identifies the border year, class, model, etc. In fact, every machine has its unique code.

Where to find my VIN?

As you might already know, it can give you many details about the vehicle you wish to purchase. You may find it on the driver's side:

  • At the base of the windshield
  • In the doorpost

In addition, one needs to look for it on your registration or insurance cards as well. Sometimes, it may be difficult to find that in some parts. For that reason, it is better to use those cards.

How to do an online checkup?

There is an online website called National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It provides a tool with the help of which you can do your checkup. You simply need to enter a VIN in the searching field, click the DECODE button, and get the final report. It includes:

  • Accident records
  • Automobile’s features
  • Engine description
  • Interior and exterior colors
  • Accessible styles and decors
  • Security equipment
  • Motor’s technical specifications

Note that some online checkup websites support 17-character VINs only from 1981 to the present. Sometimes, the machines produced before 1981 have eleven digits. So, you should be attentive.

Additional information

Do you know what a car recall is? This is an automotive manufacturer's way of informing car clients that their product has a shortcoming. In case of serious problems (e.g. if you are not able to correct the flaw or your passengers' safety could be at risk), you have the possibility to use your VIN. As a rule, recalls are launched by the US Government. But from time to time, particular automobile producers will set up a recall.