Chevrolet Corsica VIN Decoder

If you wonder what is a Chevrolet VIN decoder, here is the answer! As you might have already heard, every Chevrolet (referred to as Chevy sometimes) car has its unique VIN (vehicle identification number). It is a key to information about the machine that you are going to buy.

It contains seventeen (sometimes eleven) characters. Those letters and digits separate identify necessary details about the car. That is manufacturer, model, production year, etc.

This format is originally implemented by the ISO institutions. With the help of that, one can see detailed records of the automobile (e.g. if it has been damaged or stolen).

How do I decode my Chevy Corsica?

As mentioned above, those figures have special meaning.

  • From the 1st position to the 3rd, there are the manufacturing country, the producer, and the brand section accordingly.
  • Then the 4th and 5th ones represent the model.
  • 6th character is the body style. The body types are the following: two-door compartment, four-door sedan, the side windows, hatchback doors, minivan wagon, etc.
  • 7th one is the restraint system. That mainly includes the seatbelts, active seatbelts, front and side airbags, ceiling airbags, etc.
  • 8th digit identifies the engine and the 9th is the check number․ In fact, it is used to algorithmically validate the VIN․
  • On the 10th position, you can see the production year. That may be expressed by either a finger or a character.
  • 11th indicates the assembly plant. That is where the manufacturing was completed.
  • From 12th to 17th, you will be able to see sequential production digits or so-called serial numbers. There is a different unique code on each machine. It identifies the accurate assembly (when and where the car was assembled). In addition, that is not standardized.

VIN location on Chevy Corsica

There are four main locations, where you can find the Vehicle Identification Number. These are on:

  • the windshield of the driver’s side (on the front angle of the dashboard)
  • the silver label close to the bottom of the passenger or driver’s door on the pillar
  • the frame of the machine right below the bonnet
  • the middle of the engine unit.

In addition, there is another way to find that. Yet, the easiest one is to look for it on an insurance or registration card. They are more comfortable for usage.

How can I check it online?

With the help of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one can easily do an online checkup. This is an official website that provides a tool for that. The user only needs to enter the specifiic code in the searching field, click the DECODE button, and get the final report. It contains:

  • Vehicle’s features
  • Security equipment
  • Engine type and description
  • Interior and exterior shades
  • Accessible styles and decors
  • Accident records
  • Motor’s technical specifications

With all those results the validity of the car will be shown as well. Moreover, you are able to obtain a build sheet of your Chevy Corsica. Maybe this code will not give you a 100% guarantee about the vehicle. It may happen if the automobile has been manufactured before 1985.