Chevrolet Cruze VIN Decoder

Buying a new product is challenging. It requires some knowledge to differentiate between good and bad goods. The same refers to purchasing a car. Especially that is the case with secondhand automobiles. Pre-owned ones often have defects or recalls. And the previous owners sometimes don’t inform the potential buyer about those imperfections. In these instances, it is your responsibility to get familiar with the car’s properties. That is possible through the use of a vehicle identification number. Due to that, you can know a lot about your prospective means of transportation. In brief, this article discusses the CHEVROLET CRUZE VIN decoder and ways of its lookup.

VIN meaning

Have you ever wondered what VIN is and how to read it? No surprise, it stands for a vehicle identification number and comprises 17-character letters and serial N. When manufactured every auto receives a unique code. Later a buyer can use it to research and reveal the background of the means of transport.

Each number is a description of a particular aspect of the van.

  • The 1st group consists of 3 symbols (1-3) which signify World Manufacturing identification. Out of those three, the first one shows where the van comes from. In other words, it demonstrates the production place. The second and the third ones unlock the manufacturer and its division.
  • Equipment details and specifications (title, brand, history, and so on)
  • Secondly, the other section encompasses 5 symbols (4-8) that describe the car indicating its brand, transmission type, engine size, body style, etc.
  • Thirdly, the 9th digit is for a security check that detects fake codes.
  • Similarly, the 10th exhibits the model year.
  • Likewise, the 11th digit identifies the plant that has assembled the auto.
  • Lastly, the next group which consists of 6 ciphers (12-17) unlocks the serial N.

Where should I search for the code?

You may find it in two places:

  • On the van. Here you have several options. The most likely location is on the dashboard. The base of the front left-hand lower windshield is where you should look at. Very importantly, look from the outside. Likewise, the door latch is the other place.
  • In several docs. For example, those documents include insurance records, certificates of title or registration cards.

How to decrypt the digits?

CHEVROLET CRUZE lookup is pretty easy. You just have to choose a decoding website and enter the auto cipher. Then it will bring you lots of data. Here is the list of approved sites. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is the institution that halts illicit deals. It tries to prevent the purchase of stolen means of transport. Therefore, it collects all the info on the mentioned machines’ past including recalls. By the way, NMVTIS details what the typical history report includes stating the 5 key indicators.

Just to mention that General Motors first produced CHEVROLET CRUZE in 2008. Later they redesigned and restyled a more luxurious model in 2016.

Automobile report content

Typically, the following facts are accessible in the report provided by major sites:

  • Previous owners or past ownership
  • Title and date of registration
  • Brand history
  • Salvage and junk info
  • Accidents, damages, or faults
  • Recall alerts (when the basic safety standards are not met and there is a security risk to drive the automobile)
  • Past services or repairs
  • Theft history
  • Lien
  • Odometer reading
  • Mileage
  • Insurance
  • Even historical photographs and so on.