Chevrolet Equinox VIN Decoder

Sometimes buying a car can become a headache for you. As bare new ones are quite expensive. And not everyone is able to afford it. But with the preowned or used machines can be a lot of problems, like they can be stolen, salvaged or damaged.

So, what to do now? There is a simple answer, use the online Chevrolet Equinox VIN decoder.

First, let look at the car that you what to obtain.


This is a nice small SUV for 2022. It boasts a spacious 5-seat cabin, an intuitive infotainment system, and a good list of standard security features. It's pleasant to drive on less-than-ideal roads, and getting about town is rather simple. The Equinox also scores well in terms of expected dependability. However, it falls short of many of its competitors. The quality of the cabin, luggage room, and fuel efficiency are all mediocre at best.

Now, let find out what is this online tool and how it helps you.

What is the vehicle identification number?

The international institute ISO implemented the standard form for the United States and Europe. The form is that it has 17 characters, which include letters and digits. Automakers have to issue this number at the very beginning of the production. It’s similar to the fingerprint for humans and it never repeats. This will help you in both situations when you want to buy a new vehicle and when you want to purchase a pre-owned one.

As we said they get it from the beginning. And this gives you an opportunity to check all the processes and stages. In addition, you are able to know the arrival date. So, if you are curious to know the sequence just verify its ID. Automakers provide it in this order XXXX76 is after XXXX75, while XXXX74 is before.

However, most of all it helps you in process of buying a used automobile. As it provides all the history of the care. For example, the previous owner, the milage, the replaced and repaired components, also include the basic description info, such as the model year, manufacturer, engine and ect.

How does it work?

When the production starts the manufacturer gives every product its own code. It is like an id card. That identifies this car as one of a kind. The first records are about the year, the company name, engine type, the origin, in a word all the information which the automaker have.

After when it is finally received by the customer. Begin the next stage of details. So, every time when the owner takes it to change the oil or repair something the technician makes a record. And step by step the history is made.

What details does the VIN provide?

Literally every single detail. By decoding it you get the full history. This code has 5 groups of characters and each has its meaning.

You obtain the info like;

  • Type of the machine, origin country, and manufacturer.
  • Transmission, engine type, body style, and model.
  • Factory and year of production.
  • Company's manufacturing sequence code.

It also has checking digits. Which gives a chance to find the issues with the number.

Where is the VIN on my Chevrolet?

It is easier to search on the documents such as insurance or registration records. But if you don’t have access, you also will find it in the cabin. The best places are the area near the side of the driver’s windshield, in the doorjamb or frame on the same side, or on the dashboard.

To easily identify it is important to remember that you are looking for a sequence of 17 symbols, which have upper letters and digits.