Chevrolet Malibu VIN Decoder

This is a great invention of people. As this helps you to buy a car without any difficulties. This is a tool that will help you to avoid fraud and easily get the Chevrolet of your dreams. This provides you with all the necessary information that you need, in order to make a decision. For example, besides the basic info, like the year, origin, or type. You are able to know if it was repaired, stolen, or damaged.

Before explaining what is it, how does it work? I would like to tell you about the car that you want to buy.


This pickup is a solid midsize vehicle, despite its low ranking. A smooth ride, a powerful engine option, decent fuel efficiency, a comfortable navigation system, and a big cabin are just a few of its enticing features. In some aspects, though, Malibu falls short of its competitors. Many competitors offer more appealing interiors, more comfortable seats, and more powerful basic engines. Also, several include more common safety measures.

And now the point of the article.

What is a VIN?

In a word, this is a magic sequence of elements that provides you with details that are very helpful in the selling and buying processes.

But to be more specific, this is an identification number like a fingerprint for a car. That has 17 characters and each has its meaning. By decoding it you obtain all the info about your purchase, such as the transmission, model, body, repaired part, ect.

The international institute ISO create a standard format that the US and most of Europe use. This makes it easier to decode and understand it. And the origin of the country doesn’t indicate anything.

How does this work?

When the production starts the automaker company gives each product its own identification. So, the very first record is from here. For example, the manufacture place, year, type, and restraint system. This is the first stage of it. The next start when the machine receives to its owner. And when the last take it to the service even just to change the oil. The technician writes a detailed record. And this is how history is created. Or if it gets into the accident the insurance records are also included.

As we said automobiles have the code from the beginning. This gives you the opportunity to follow all the production stages and you can even know the arrival date. When you want to purchase a new one.

Where is located VIN?

Firstly, in order to find it, you should remember that it has 17 symbols. And it consists of both letters and numbers.

Secondly, the doorjamb or doorframe on the driver’s side, directly above the wheel, under the windshield, or on the dashboard are the best places where you can find it. But, if you were able to find it, some parts are unclear or others were removed. There is another option, if you have access to documents try looking there.

What data will you have?

It is divided into 5 groups, each containing several digits or letters. They separately have meaning and also some of them need to be combined to obtain the definition. Remember that it doesn't include the characters Qq, Ii, and Oo, which resemble the digits 9, 1, and 0. Here is the definition of each one.

  • In the first group, there are 3 letters and digits which represent the country of origin, the type, and company division.
  • The second contains 5 describing elements that indicate the engine, transmission, restraint system, body, and model.
  • The 3rd is the 9th symbol which is a checking element. That is provided by the manufacturer. This is usually to identify the bugs.
  • The next group has 2 ones. The 10th and 11th represent the model year and the plant code.
  • The last 6 symbols are for the sequence numbers of the automaker.

How to use a decoder?

The companies and the NHTSA (Administration of National Highway Traffic Safety) board do everything to make this process user-friendly. This means that you need just to do some steps and wait seconds and get the result.

So, you must enter the 17 characters long code to the searching area wait and that it. You have all the history of your future vehicle in your hands.