Chevrolet COLORADO/S10 VIN Decoder

VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. And for it, the ISO institution implemented standard form. That each manufacturer should give it before sending it to salons. This contains info about the company, year and place of manufacture, engine type, models, and others. So, when a person wishes to get a new car with the help of this he or she will make sure it wasn't damaged, stolen, or changed unlawfully.

You can decode it by yourself, but it is a very long and difficult job. Instead, you need to open the Chevrolet COLORADO/S10 VIN Decoder, fill it in, and wait for the result. After validating the vital elements and examining alternative possibilities.

How to decode a vehicle identification number?

At the first sight, you may think that this is the hardest thing. But in reality, it is very easy to decrypt. You just should follow some tips that we provide below.

ISO is an international institute that implemented the same format for all the countries. This makes it easier for people to decrypt it. One of the features is that it doesn’t include the symbols like Qq, Ii, and Oo, usually, it is replaced with the digits 9, 1, and 0.

Here is the meaning of every charter.

  • The first indicates the country of origin. For example, for the US is 1,4,5, Canada is 2, Mexico is 3. And letters J-Japan, K-South Korea, W-Germany, and so on.
  • The second represents the manufacturer. Such as A for Audi, B for BMW, or N for Nissan.
  • The third is for the type and division of the automaker. It is usually combined with the previous ones.
  • From 4th to 8th are describing symbols. They describe the engine, transmission, restraint system, body type, and model.
  • The 9th is checking character. This indicates if it has any bugs.
  • The 10th tells you the model year. For example, from 2001 to 2009 will be 2000-Y, 2001-1, 2002-2, ect. But 2010 is A, 2011-B, 2012-C, and so on. The 11th is for the plant code.
  • The other 6 digits are for the sequence numbers of the company.

Where is located the VIN on my COLORADO/S10?

In order to be able to decrypt and get every single detail about your new purchase. First, you need to find. And to do that just look on the dashboard, under the windshield, above the wheel, or on the doorjamb of the driver’s side. You have to find a code with letters and digits which is 17-characters long. But if you aren’t able to find it just get documents about the car and try looking there. Ater just lookup it online.

How to Use the Decoder

The easiest part is to use the online tool, in order to obtain a quick report of your purchase. And to do so you just need to enter all the 17 characters in the corresponding area. All the info that you will see there is from the NHTSA (Administration of National Highway Traffic Safety). This is based on the info that companies give them. This system started working in 1981, this means that cars built after this have 17 symbols but before this year only 11.

What are the benefits of decoding?

This process is full of advantages. As before deciding about the purchase which is a really important one. You know everything about it and can easily make decisions. Also, you can examine and see if any parts were repaired or replaced. Ensure that it wasn’t stolen, or damaged, also check the documents.