Chevrolet Sonic VIN Decoder

So, you have decided to buy a new or ore-used Chevrolet. But have no idea how to choose one. In order to be able to make the right decision, you need to have a full history of it. And that’s why our Chevrolet Sonic decoder is very important. To know everything you want and more and decide if that specific car is going to be a part of your life.

International institute ISO create an ID with letters and digits. That usually has 17 characters. Which provides information such as the model years, production places, body type. OR inform you about the damages and accidents of the vehicle.

They also create a standard form for all countries, to make it easy to decode and understand.

What is a VIN?

This stands for a vehicle identification number. Under this name, there is a huge meaning. So, when buying a new auto, you need the history of it. And to get it you should have this code. It is 17 characters long, including digits and letters. And each of them represents details. By decoding this you will know the manufacturer, engine, transmission, and other useful info.

How does this work?

Every product gets its identification number at the very beginning of production. To clarify it is like a fingerprint as it is unique for every product. And also it never repeats.

The very first record starts right in the factory. They provide the basic describing report. And give the opportunity to customers to follow all the production stages of their order. In addition, they are able to know about the arrival date by just looking at it. If you are curious, manufacturers normally give these IDs for automobiles in order; XXXX76 is after XXXX75, while XXXX74 is before.

The next stages of the records start when the machine reaches its owner. Since when they want to change the oil or repair something, they take the automobile to the service. And there when a technician finishes the work they write the details record about the job they have done. Besides this, if the car has an accident this time the insurance makes a note about it. And like this step up step the full history is created.

What information does it provide?

As we mentioned above this has 17 symbols and each of them has its definition. By it, we can divide the code into 5 sections as they are connected to each other. Here is a detailed definition of them.

  • The first is the group will inform you about the basic info, for example, the country of origin, the model, and the type, or division of the automaker.
  • The second one has 5 symbols. And these are for the description of the auto. This means that they represent the info such as engine, transmission, restraint system, and body type.
  • The third group is a single digit, this is called checking. Because companies include this to identify problems connected with the sequence.
  • The fourth consists of 2 characters. The 10th indicates the model year, and the 11the is for the plant code.
  • In the fifth group, there are 6 symbols and there are all for the sequence numbers of the manufacturer.

Where is VIN?

Automobiles built after 1981 have their identifications. And usually to find them look in the cabin. For example, the dashboard, on the door jamb, or the doorframe on the driver’s side. It can be outside too, such as above the wheel. But if you have the same difficulties identifying or reading it. Don’t hurry to give up, you also have a chance to look for them in the documents like an insurance card.

How to use a decoder?

The answer is quite simple: you just need to enter it into the corresponding area, wait for some seconds, and get the result. This information is from the automaker companies. The NHTSA (Administration of National Highway Traffic Safety) collects all of them and then uses this kind of online tool to inform people.

Can I share VIN?

Sharing this is quite a usual practice in the selling process. And this helps the buyer to decide. Moreover, it is recommended to do. And then everyone is able to easily see it on the car and the best place is the windshield. So, feel free to share it.