Buying a pre-owned car is a very difficult process. But you have a good friend the CHEVROLET VOLT VIN decoder that will assist you to get your dream vehicle.

This is an online tool that decodes the identification number. And provides you with the full history of your future purchase.

In the beginning, let's find out about the model that you want and up to next continue reading to learn more about this.

For the used electric and hybrid car segment, the Volt is an excellent choice. It offers a longer range with all-electric mode and a lot of other hybrids. Also, it has a powerful engine enough to handle all driving scenarios. It also comes with a comfortable infotainment interface and supportive front seats.

There are a few noticeable flaws with the PHEV too. Despite being extremely energy-efficient, its gas economy is still inferior to that of several other hybrids. It also has a poor quality of interior and an extremely low anticipated dependability rating.

What is VIN?

This was first utilized in 1954 in the United States. But at that time there was no standard form, so, different automakers issue it in the way they want. But after the ISO international institute create a standard form for the US and most of Europe. So, starting in 1981 all the automobiles have identification that contains 17 characters which are upper letters and digits. The main purpose for this is to give you the full report for example the country of origin, replaced part, transmission, body, and ect.

How does this work?

When the production begins the manufacturer needs to issue the identification code, in order to be able to differentiate the products. Also, to be able to make a record for each one. And this means that the very initial record starts exactly here the factor when you know about the manufacturing place or the basic describing info.

This also gives you the opportunity to know about the arrival date of your order, or you can track every stage of the production.

The second phase of the report starts when the order gets to its owner. And after this every time when they take it to the service to do even a small job. And the technician has to make a detailed record about it.

What data does it provide?

As we have said this is your best friend in the buying process, as it literally gives you all the info about your future purchase. All the 17 symbols have their own meaning. They can be decoded as a single element, or need to be combined with the previous or next symbol to get the meaning.

By definition, we divide the symbols into 5 groups. Each of them has several elements or has only one as in the case of the 3rd group. By decrypting it you will have info like:

  • country of origin, the model, and the type, or division of the automaker.
  • types of engine, transmission, restraint system, and body.
  • model year and the plant code.
  • sequence numbers of the manufacturer.

The 3rd group has only a single character the 9th, which is called the checking digit. The companies put this to be able to control the code and find the errors in it.

Where is VIN?

First of all, to easily identify it you should remember that it has 17 characters with upper letters and digits. Second, you must look in places where automakers usually put it, as every single car has it in different locations. The typical places are doorjamb or frame on the driver’s side, directly above the wheel, under the windshield, or on the dashboard. But, there is a chance that it can be damaged or removed. In this case, you may easily find it in the documents of that vehicle.

How to use a decoder?

The last but the important step is to decode it. You have two options, to decode it yourself or use the online tool. The first will take much time and effort, but the other one takes only a few seconds and minimum effort. So, you just need to enter the number in the searching area, wait and here you go, the full history in your hands.